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Welcome to the University of Maryland Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center (UM-OAIC) website. The UM-OAIC was established in 1994. Since that time, we have successfully demonstrated that rehabilitation interventions improve cardiovascular fitness, ambulation (walking), balance and activities of daily living which can reduce health-related risk factors in older individuals with chronic disabling diseases. The UM-OAIC is made possible by a grant from the National Institute on Aging.


The UM-OAIC’s mission is to determine and evaluate the mechanisms and efficacy of motor learning based exercise rehabilitation that focuses on the restoration and maintenance of function, and prevention of the functional decline that puts older adults with chronic disease at risk for disability.


The UM-OAIC is investigating innovative ways to maintain or restore independence for older adults. Our mission will be accomplished by

  • Conducting basic and clinical translational research that examines the mechanisms underlying the functional impairments associated with prevalent diseases in older people across the domains of neuromotor, muscular, metabolic and cardiovascular function;
  • Translating these findings from the lab to the clinic to design novel efficacious motor learning based exercise interventions for community implementation;
  • Supporting Pilot and Exploratory Studies, Developmental Projects and externally funded grants examining the mechanisms underlying disability, the processes of recovery and the restoration and maintenance of function and
  • Fostering the career development of junior faculty from multiple disciplines into independent geriatric academic scientists through mentor- based research training. 

 The UM-OAIC multidisciplinary research team has the skills and motivation to change clinical rehabilitation practice by developing innovative, motor learning based exercise rehabilitation programs that will improve the functional and clinical outcomes of older people with disabilities to promote independent living.  We are optimistic that the UM-OAIC's translational approach to geriatrics and rehabilitation research will change clinical practice by developing innovative, feasible rehabilitation interventions that will promote the functional independence and the health of older Americans.

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